An Unforgettable Desert Tour in Morocco

Are you ready for an unforgettable desert tour in Morocco?

Have you long dreamed of going on a great excursion to the desert ? Why not start somewhere as fabulous as Morocco and take an unforgettable trip to the desert from Marrakech ? We’ll give you the low point of what you can expect on a desert tour of Morocco to ensure you get the most out of your trip to the majestic Sahara.

The beautiful old country of Morocco in North Africa is bordered by two large waters, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, making it easily accessible by many means of transport. You can start your journey through Morocco from the capital, the historic city of Rabat, located in the north of the country along the banks of the Bouregreg River and the Atlantic Ocean. From here, you can easily continue your journey to other fascinating places, either inland, to Fez, Morocco’s unofficial cultural capital, or to bustling Marrakech.

Do not miss Casablanca, which is practically on the way to Marrakech and is best known for the famous Film Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. The eponymous Film of 1942 practically helped put Morocco on the map of moviegoers – and several decades after people are still visiting Casablanca in droves. If you find that flights to Marrakech are lowest, why not book your desert tour directly from Marrakech? The more time you have for your desert excursion, the better, especially if you want to see both the Merzouga dunes and the Zagora Desert in southeastern Morocco. The journey itself beyond the Draa Valley, the fortified Kasbahs and the Atlas Mountains is so scenic, it’s an unforgettable experience in itself.

To help you make the most of your desert trip, we’ve compiled a List of some of the wonderful things you can experience that will make your visit truly unforgettable:


A real desert excursion will not be complete without a Stargazing experience. This huge open space of the Sahara offers an unobstructed view and will bring out the astronomer in you! Be sure to bring a portable telescope so you can see the stars and planets at any time. Stargazing experiences are offered on day trips from Fez and desert tours from Marrakech. If you choose the latter, take experienced Guides to a friendly desert camp where you can watch the contents of your heart.

On sand

The Merzouga Desert, with its endless sand dunes of various sizes, is the perfect place to try your hand at sand surfing. So why not try this emerging sport during your desert excursion in Morocco? It is also known as Sandboarding because you drive a surfboard over the desert dunes. And it looks a lot like a Snowboard so if you have experience in snow (or water), this new skill could easily come to you. And best of all, you won’t get wet or cold, if you fall!

Watching the sunset and sunrise

Nature lovers are not the only ones who marvel at the magnificent sunrise in the Sahara. You get the best view from a camp or hotel near the Middle Atlas. No Early Bird? This is good, as the sunsets are equally imposing and can be admired from anywhere in the desert to the mountainous regions, making your desert trip unforgettable.


On sand is not your Thing? Don’t Worry! There are many other fun things to do in the desert. Instead, you could drive down the dunes in a motorized vehicle. Many companies offer special packages, including quad biking, which is a great way to cross the huge sand dunes, discover off-the-beaten-path places, and immerse yourself in culture. This method of transportation will allow you to meet the locals, explore the beautiful nature of Morocco and make it a trip of a lifetime!

Camel ride

One of the most stereotypical things we associate with crossing the desert are camels. What better way to experience a desert excursion in Morocco than with a camel ! You will not find a shortage of companies in Morocco with experienced guides speaking English, Spanish or French and, of course, Arabic. The question now is, are you talking Camel-ese? It’s best to let your guide take care of it, so sit back and enjoy the ride (camel)!