An Unforgettable Visit To Cuba

When I first went to Cuba, it was from Mexico where I lived at the time. This secret island I had heard so much about growing up. Communism. Fidel. Bay Of Pigs. Hemingway and Kennedy. The anticipation was palpable when I went to the hotel with a classic American car. The slight peril in the air of being American somewhere I shouldn’t be. It was in the 90s and Cuba was completely closed to Americans, or so we thought. Cuba was the opposite of everything I learned. There was a certain anti-American vibe at the time, but most of the time the people were nice and warm. The architecture partly collapsed, but it was still impressive. And I was surprised to see CNN in my hotel room. Cuba brings different images to different people. But in the end, this island state just 90 miles off the U.S. coast is a destination most travelers would enjoy.

Travel back to the 60s and 70s with a time machine and enjoy a fantastic time on this charming and authentic island that you will remember for a lifetime. Cuba takes you back to a time when Salsa music is popular. People dress in bright colors for a party, and vintage cars become their favorite Taxi. This island is known for its reputation for Cuban rum. In addition, you will be amazed by the different Cocktails that this spirit has to offer. Mojito is also something you need to try.

Live music is what you will hear everywhere. It is very common to see people dancing in cities. In addition to fascinating architecture, art and music, beautiful nature awaits all visitors. Beautiful beaches, green jungle and big mountains; it is absolutely to your liking. Once, Cuba was forgotten and sealed by the rest of the world. But no more when the door was reopened. So there is no doubt that this country is so glamorous and refined.

Best experiences in Cuba

Cities and towns


Visiting Cuba without passing through Havana with an exquisite classic car is like going to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower. Havana has a lot to offer, from beautiful architecture and street art to food, drink and music.

Music is the heart of the Cuban. Wherever your steps take you, your ears will never rest from the party atmosphere of this lively city. So get ready to enjoy lots of drinks from Havana’s famous Bars. Whether it’s rooftop bars in Old Havana or small Bars on the Malecon, you’ll find the best rum everywhere. Mojito, a traditional Cuban Highball, is also one of the signatures here.

The attractions will expose you to the Afro-Cuban Religion. Seeing the broken beauty through the UNESCO-listed architecture, you will learn more about what remains of The Revolucion today. Start your day with Old Havana or Habana Vieja, the oldest and most fascinating part of the city. Continue your walk through pretty streets until you reach the cathedral where Alejo Carpentier, a writer, called you”music set in stone.” Continue to Royal Force Castle, home to the National Archives, and enjoy the gentle Breeze from the harbour.

Many Restaurants in central Havana offer a variety of local seafood, including lobster menus. Lobster dishes are very fresh and have a low price compared to other countries. If you like to support people, visit the San José Market, where you will find beautiful Souvenirs handmade by the locals.

Watching the heavenly sunset at Malecon with the breathtaking sea breeze, you will fall even more in love with this city. Bars and Restaurants are ready to offer you fine food and wonderful music that will keep you entertained all night long. For these jazz lovers, the Vedado District is the best place for late night jazz jamming.


Trinidad is one of the most historic cities in Cuba. UNESCO Heritage listed its old town as a world monument. However, this part of the city is only accessible on foot or on horseback. Carts are also welcome and often seen in the area.

The iconic colorful houses along the narrow cobbled streets become photogenic spots in the city. Walking through the old colonial center, you will see many beautiful places, from a small museum to historic buildings.

Hiking to the coast through the valley would be so much fun and exciting cycling. A stopover on the peninsula of Ancón, located on the white sandy beach under palm trees, worries you.

Be sure to practice your Salsa skills in the Plaza Mayor or show off your movement in the lively Escalinata event under the Casa De La Musica, which takes place every night.

Enjoy your exclusive nightlife in a natural cave at Disco Ayala, a unique Clubbing experience you will rarely find on earth.


This small town has a massive influence on the rest of the country. It is here that the best tobacco is grown for the best known pipe brands. Whether Cohiba, Montecristo or Cuaba, they all use the leaves grown in this valley.

Not to mention that you will experience the process of making a world-famous Cuban pipe, but a chance to explore the incredible tobacco fields and limestone caves of UNESCO World Heritage.

Visiting the caves and underground rivers of the legendary Cueva Del Indio and taking a boat cruise through the Cuban jungle, you can relax in nature.