Must See Attractions in Slovenia – Places To Visit

A hidden treasure in Europe, did you know that Slovenia has colorful lakes and hidden caves, Baroque facades with architecture from the 20th century, wide meadows and clean rivers among its main attractions? There is much to see and do for the active traveler, the culture lover or even those who are looking for a green oasis or a health retreat. These 5 main tourist attractions in Slovenia are among our personal strengths:

1. Lake of Bled with Castle of Bled

The Bled-lake is one of the most beautiful Alpine lakes in Europe, emerald green, with a postcard Church on an island and the remarkable medieval castle, Bled on a cliff. The lake is surrounded by some of the highest peaks of the Julian Alps and the Karawanks mountain ranges and, thanks to its amazing natural beauty, one of the most visited places in Slovenia. A beautiful hiking trail leads all the way around the lake, and walking along it through the forest, you will be transported to a fairyland, rather than just on a path. Don’t forget to try the traditional Bled Cream Cake in one of the many cafes in the village of Bled – a local specialty that has been copied all over Central Europe, but never as good as in Bled itself!

2. Postojna Caves

The Postojna Caves, the most visited cave network in Europe, are connected to Predjama Castle, the largest cave castle in the world. Postojna Cave is the only karst cave with an underground railway that has been in operation for 140 years. The caves host an impressive network of tunnels, galleries and halls with the largest 5-meter-high stalagmite, the “Brilliant”, the oldest underground post office in the world, and the most famous underground animal Proteus, the human fish.

3. The Castle Of Predjama

A beautiful Renaissance castle built near the famous Postojna Caves and on a 125 meter high cliff in the mouth of a cave, it is perhaps the most spectacular castle you have ever seen. Built in the 13th century in Gothic style, it is widely regarded as one of the most important and best preserved architectural masterpieces of its time. Today Predjama Castle is one of the most visited sights in Slovenia and houses a museum that describes everyday life in the 16th century, including a military manege, a dungeon, halls, living rooms and other facilities of the castle.

4. Triglav National Park

Triglav is the only national park in Slovenia named after the highest peak of the park and Slovenia itself. A unique nature reserve in the Alps, the park hosts a wide range of wild plants and animals, including brown bears, and offers countless hiking trails, the extraordinary Vintgar Gorge and the Savica Waterfalls – a paradise for all nature and nature lovers.

5. Ljubljana


No trip to Slovenia would be complete without a visit to the picturesque capital Ljubljana,which was voted the “green capital of Europe” in 2016. With almost 300,000 inhabitants, Ljubljana is one of the smallest capitals in Europe. Its residents are incredibly hospitable and friendly, have a good sense of humor, and with 23 university faculties and three academies scattered throughout the capital, it has a youthful feel and pretty well all residents under 40 speak very good English. To the most important sights of this beautiful green city, the old town, along the Eastern banks of the river Ljubljanica, with its cobbled streets and the famous fruit and vegetable market, the most picturesque area of the city-The dragon bridge with four green dragon, the symbol of the city, and the imposing medieval castle of Ljubljana, the city from a hill South of the old town overlooking.