Northumberland Beach Holiday With Kids for Single Parents

5 Attractions Kids Will Love in Northumberland:

If you are planning one or more single parent holidays in the UK this year, finding a place that meets all ages is likely to be your number one concern. Located in the north east of England, the coastal landscape and rugged rural beauty of Northumberland easily compete with those of tourist beauty in other parts of the UK. However, aside from the beautiful scenery, the area offers many exciting activities, attractions, and events that single parents with children of all ages will appreciate. Fascinated? Read on to discover some of the best places to visit on a family holiday with children in Northumberland:

Northumberland County Zoo

If you’re an animal lover, no family day in Northumberland is complete without a visit to the Northumberland County zoo. The park has more than 17 hectares to explore and more than 50 animal species to see. If you love the idea of bringing mammals, birds, farm animals and reptiles closer, a trip to the county zoo is the perfect day for the whole family. There are many other attractions for children at the zoo, such as an outdoor playground, pedal tractors and even a tractor museum! With many events taking place throughout the year, the zoo is the perfect place for a day out with the family.

Alnwick Castle

Alnwick Castle is one of the most exciting attractions in Northumberland County and a great place to visit with children. Dubbed the “adventure kingdom” on its website, the castle hosts many events held throughout the year, including Harry Potter-themed events such as broomstick training. There is also an open-air cinema that broadcasts favorite movies such as The Lion King.

The wall of Hadrian

Filled with galleries, museums, turrets and shrines and public baths, the Hadrian’s wall is a piece of history you need to check out when you’re in Northumberland. The Hadrian’s Wall was built mainly of stone and is a unique monument that attracts all ages. The Hadrian’s wall also cuts a path through some of Northumberland’s most breathtaking landscapes, making it a perfect hotspot for walkers. With spectacular monuments to discover, visiting Hadrian’s Wall can be an insightful experience during your family day.

Northumberland National Park

The Northumberland national Park covers 1,500 square kilometres and is home to some of the cleanest air in England, rivers and the darkest skies. The park has a dedicated team that works around the clock to preserve its special qualities. There are many outdoor activities that you will love during your holiday, such as a guided hike or a bike ride. When the weather is nice, exploring Northumberland National Park with the family and the stunning scenery will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh Castle is located near the village of Bamburgh and is a Grade Ii listed building. Children will love all the exciting attractions and events at the castle, including witchcraft, dragon trails, sunset walks with alpacas and an aviation museum. The grounds of the castle are also dog friendly, which means you can take your four-legged friend on this fun family day.

Trips to Northumberland with children

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So if you’re looking to stay in the UK this year, Northumberland should be at the top of your list of family holiday destinations. More than 10 million tourists from the UK and around the world visit the picturesque region every year. Many attractions are for families, and if you’re looking for a fun and relaxing adventure away from the crowds, Northumberland is sure to tick all the boxes. We have no doubt that the children will be entertained here and love the holiday in Northumberland.