Smarter Packing Tips for Your Next Solo Vacation

Packing tips for your next Solo vacation

One advantage of Solo trips is that if you do not need to place items for others, there is a better chance that you can easily pack. As restrictions on air baggage become stricter, the fitness for smart, compact vacation packages is becoming more useful, especially if you’re taking a short trip of five days or less, so pay attention to smarter packing tips for your next vacation.

Some items are essential, such as travel documentation (passport, boarding passes), personal hygiene products and clothing. The latter will probably occupy most of your best carry-on luggage, so it’s a great help in learning how to reduce weight and space. Even if you’re traveling in winter or expecting rainy conditions, you can transport your heaviest items to the airport and pack the lightest items in your suitcase. When the warm and comfortable weather is expected, bring the lightest clothes you have and choose colors that easily adapt to others to maximize the number of outfits while minimizing your luggage.

The more you travel, the more likely you are to pick up smart packing tips. Rolling your clothes when packing your suitcase is as space-saving as using compression bags. Also keep toiletries and electronics near the top of your suitcase so that they are immediately accessible when you pass through airport security. Speaking of electronics, leave the laptop at home, unless you are on a business trip and really need it. Since many operators no longer charge for online roaming, you get all the information you need from your Smartphone.

Here is an infographic from Ard na Sidhe Country House with a huge collection of smart packing tips that, when followed, will leave plenty of room in your matter for Memories!