Tips to Survive a Long-Haul Flight With The Kids

The best tips for a successful Long-Distance Flight with children

As a parent, the idea of flying long-haul with the kids can send you into cold sweats, or worse, put you Off going all together. But do not panic, there are many ways to make the experience more bearable for everyone involved, without looking for sedatives.

Once you’ve decided where to take the family, here are some tips for flying long-haul with the kids to make the start of your adventure a breeze.

1. Choose the right Airline

Our airline choice is often based on flight and entertainment prices, but with kids in mind, it’s worth looking at what the airline offers families. Virgin Atlantic, Emirates and Etihad are good options for families, with Etihad even providing a free nanny on board to help entertain your little ones on your long-haul flight. Each “flying nanny” has a goodie bag of games, arts and crafts to keep little hands busy, so you can sit back and relax.

2. Bring Amazing Snacks

A common tactic that has proven itself on long-haul flights = distract with food. Use pacifiers-also great for sensitive ears during takeoff and landing-as a crucial tool to avoid the fits of screaming or crying that could occur at any time of the trip. Make sure your sweet treats are sugar-free, to avoid the risk of your child becoming more hyper-active.

Fruit, bread sticks and grapes are a healthy alternative to sweets, but should be just as effective in terms of distraction tactics.

3. Choose Your Timing Wisely

Evening Strassen are the way to go when booking long-haul flights. This allows you to give your children a after nap, so that they are not too tired before boarding. Change them into pajamas before boarding the plane. Then, once the excitement levels have simmered and the lights have dimmed, read them a familiar bedtime story or give them milk, and hopefully they should sleep, at least for a good few hours.

4. Packing Your Hand Luggage

While it may be tempting to throw in every top, book and puzzle in sight, as well as 20 changes of clothes, it’s important to remember, to think practically. Keep your travel documents in one place, in a folder (preferably leak-proof) to avoid last-minute panic.

Calculate how many layers and bottles you will need, but add a few more in matter of delay. The regulations allow you to take enough baby food and milk on your long-haul flight, even if it is more than 100 ml.

5. Don’t go up too early

Unless your children are out for the account, avoid getting on the plane too early. This will lead you to be unnecessarily sitting in the seat you will be in for hours to come. Let them stretch their legs for as long as possible before boarding a long-distance flight, as this will decrease the chance of them getting restless and restless.

6. Creative Activities

Coloring sets, play-DOH pots and other creative activities are a great way to pass the time and can be entertaining for yourself as well as children. Each activity is perfect for a long-haul flight because they are silent, do no damage and do not require batteries or parts that can fall on the ground. You and your kids can work on them over the course of a few hours, as well as doodle during a movie.

7. Pack each Child an Airplane Bag

Packing an airplane bag that they don’t see until they’re on the flight is another great way to keep kids entertained. Coloring sets, reading books and sweet treats-this is sure to keep them busy for the majority of the long-haul flight, giving you happy time to read, watch a movie or sleep.

8. Bring a bag of surprises ready on suggestion

It may seem excessive but going armed with a small bag of small remittances that you can reveal throughout the trip will not do any harm. They do not need to be expensive because they will probably only entertain them for an hour, but every second counts.

9. Regular Toilet Stops

Make sure your children go to the bathroom immediately, before boarding the plane. Avoid giving them too much fluid or they will be up and down the toilet for the duration of your long-distance flight, which will not only annoy you, but could annoy the people around you.

10. Electronic

Before your trip, make sure your tablet is fully loaded and loaded with games, music, TV shows, Disney movies, etc. to keep the kids entertained for as long as possible. And don’t forget the headphones for everyone-your travel companions will thank you for them! Even little babies can be distracted by a cartoon with catchy songs, which could be just enough time to enjoy your in-flight meal.